About Us

Schmitz Capital Partners ("SCP") is an independent, employee-owned, SEC registered investment advisory firm founded in 1988 with the core belief that clients deserve a more active, personalized approach. We provide a range of customized asset management and financial advisory services to help meet the unique needs of our clients. From investment management to retirement planning, from education planning to complicated estate planning, SCP has the experience and depth of talent to meet your objectives.

As a provider of comprehensive financial advice, our firm’s objective is to build lasting, long-term relationships based on expert counsel, trust and quality service that exceeds expectations. Our advice, investment strategies and portfolios are as unique to our clients. Nothing we do is boilerplate, no clients are slotted into “model” portfolios and all investment plans are customized. Your unique objectives, rather than our profitability, are the focus of our investment advice. Utilizing this client-centric model that emphasizes customization and collaboration, coupled with our portfolio construction, asset allocation, risk management and diversification strategies, SCP constantly strives to add value and outperform.

SCP believes in a holistic approach to managing financial affairs and we are convinced that building globally diversified portfolios and proactively managing asset allocation decisions are prerequisites for achieving long-term financial objectives. From equities to fixed-income, from the domestic U.S. economy to emerging markets overseas, from conservative, well-known strategies to alternative investment strategies that seek to increase return and/or lower risk, all of our recommendations are unbiased and conflict-free. We are not swayed by market manias nor do we blindly follow the "herd". Our theories and strategies are based on extensive research, skilled analysis and experience and SCP always strives to retain a sharp focus on investing clients’ assets in a manner consistent with their tolerance for risk.

SCP seeks to remain free from the conflicts of interest inherent to many larger organizations. Our size, employee ownership, multi-generational team and client-focused culture - coupled with the spirit, camaraderie and character of our advisors - we believe stand in sharp contrast to much of Wall Street and the financial services industry. Our compensation comes primarily from clients and are generally not affected by client investment decisions because we’re not tied to any brokerage-promoted investment packages. The vast majority of our business comes from fee-based accounts, so we are highly motivated to watch your investments grow instead of selling or sponsoring high commission products. This  transparent, collaborative approach enables us to make unbiased recommendations from the universe of investment options without having conflicts of interest with our clients.

SCP is always firmly committed to meeting the needs of our clients - preserving their capital, managing risk, and striving to deliver reasonable investment returns through differing economic and financial market cycles. The quality, integrity and independence of our advice, coupled with our unwavering commitment to client service, sets us apart in a crowded field. This commitment is instituted by our focused team of multi-generational advisors. We believe this has helped many of our clients reach financial stability and achieve their life goals.

At SCP, we are passionate about our work. We truly believe in our advice and the value our services bring to our clients. We invite you to build your financial future with professionals who are independent, skilled, unbiased and focused on your unique needs.

Form ADV

As required by the SEC and the State of California, all financial advisory firms must provide clients with Form ADV, Part 2A (Firm Brochure) and a Form ADV, Part 2B (Brochure Supplement). These forms give clients information about the investment adviser, its business and individual investment adviser representatives. Many advisers now file Form ADV electronically and their Form ADV can be found on the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website.

Schmitz Capital Partners Form ADV, Part 2A (Firm Brochure) and Form ADV, Part 2B (Brochure Supplement) are available for download below. The files are in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader to view and print (download the latest Adobe Reader here).

Form ADV, Part 2A (Firm Brochure)

Form ADV Part 2B (Brochure Supplement - Steven J. Schmitz)

Form ADV Part 2B (Brochure Supplement - Michael J. Schmitz)

Investors should be aware that investing based upon strategies or models does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. No investment strategy, such as asset allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.