While many people have financial aspirations, they often lack a strategy to attain those goals.  The process of devising a personal financial plan with the help of a professional can lead to more precise goals that are all the more satisfying once attained.

Rapidly changing economic conditions, uncertain tax legislation, and a multitude of alternatives, make the task of attacking one’s financial goods both complex and frustrating.  We feel that an individual should seek professional advice on how to design and implement adequate financial strategies to attain their goals.

Our financial planning process gives you a written plan that:

  • Identifies your financial goals
  • Assesses your current situation
  • Analyses your options
  • Makes recommendations for implementation
  • Sets up a review period to monitor progress and make appropriate adjustments as conditions or goals are modified or changed

We will work with the client’s existing advisory team of tax attorneys, estate lawyers, CPAs, etc., or we will assist in building a suitable, professional team to properly advise the client over the long term.  When we need specific, expert assistance, we will seek the appropriate professional to complete a specific project or develop solutions.  This coupled with my associate’s counsel in financial matters, will assure the client that the most appropriate option is selected and implemented.