SCP offers our clients the opportunity to reduce their overall income tax liability.  Working with the client’s CPA or tax attorney, we ask appropriate tax questions, assist the client in reviewing the most viable options and then implement the recommendations after a tax planning session.  Tax planning is a continuous process.  However, tax planning sessions are most often conducted from September through November to assure ample time to thoroughly review options, define strategies and execute recommendations before the end of the year.

All options are weighed holistically in the context of a client’s financial objectives and tolerance for risk.

Areas of concentration are typically:

  • Pension Design
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Voluntary Employers’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA)
  • Cafeteria Plans (Flexible Spending Arrangements)
  • Investments Strategies
  • Business Organization
  • Comprehensive Deduction Reviews
  • Income Shifting and Sheltering

*Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. does not offer professionalized tax advice.