Reporting & Fees

We provide clients with secure, 24/7 online access to their accounts so that you can check them anywhere, anytime via an internet connection or mobile device.  We also provide extensive reports to evaluate investment performance and to track portfolio changes, taxable gains and losses, capital calls and distributions and transactions.

In addition, we endeavor to provide full transparency on fees and transaction costs across the portfolio.  All portfolio returns and account statements show the net-net results after all management fees and transactions costs have been assessed.

Our fees are clearly outlined in our Form ADV Part 2A and in our Asset Management Agreement.  These fees are charged quarterly, in arrears. Since there are no redemption fees or surrender charges, clients are free to leave any time, without penalty, if they are dissatisfied with our services.  This inherently means we must continuously earn your satisfaction.

At a minimum, SCP clients receive all electronic confirmations and monthly reports directly from our third-party custodian Pershing LLC.  We also frequently contact our clients as the economic climate changes and you can expect several discussions and a portfolio review meeting at least once a year.